Squiggle Strap Silicone Toy Strap Ether Blue and Cool Grey with box
Squiggle Strap and AstroGNAW by Thumble Baby Care silicone toy strap natural rubber teether toy
Squiggle Silicone toy clip with sippy cup
Squiggle Strap Silicone Toy Strap in the dishwasher
Squiggle Strap Toy Safety Strap attached to Planet CH3W teether
Squiggle Strap Silicone Toy Strap attached to AstroGNAW Astronaut shaped Space Toy by Thumble Baby Care
Squiggle Strap Silicone Toy Strap attached to stroller and sippy cup by Thumble Baby Care
Squiggle Strap Silicone Toy Strap being sterilized in a pan of boiling water by Thumble Baby Care
Squiggle Strap Silicone Toy Strap attached to some toys by Thumble Baby Care
Squiggle Strap Silicone Toy Strap Blush Pink and Cool Grey

Squiggle Strap® 2pcs Antimicrobial Food Grade Silicone Adjustable Multi-Use Product Strap

squiggle [skwig-uhl] noun 'a short wavy twist or line'
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The Squiggle Strap® is an easy to attach, food grade silicone strap. Compatible with a range of teethers, sippy cups and toys. Antimicrobial Protection with IonPure™ protects against the growth of bacteria and mold for greater peace of mind when out and about.
Each pack contains two Squiggle Straps
Colour: Pink Blush or Ether Blue and Cool Gray

What is IonPure™ protection?

IonPure™ is an antimicrobial additive composed with silver ions. It is designed to help prevent the growth and reproduction of bacteria, mildew, and mold.

IonPure™ is not destroyed by microbes and can withstand heat up to 500°c providing a long-lasting protective effect for the entire lifecycle of your Squiggle Strap®.

Due to its antimicrobial property and safety, silver has been widely used in daily life. For example, silver has been the key component in dental fillings for over one hundred years.

The Squiggle Strap® has been designed with education in mind too. There are five shapes on each strap. A triangle, hexagon, circle, crescent moon and a star shape. Parents can use this to talk with their little ones about basic shapes.

The Squiggle Strap® an easy to attach, adjustable FDA approved food grade silicone strap with long lasting IonPure™ antimicrobial protection throughout.

Compatible with a range of teethers, sippy cups and toys. With a tight hold to keep your little one’s items safe and secure. Designed to keep those precious items close!

Easy to attach, anti-drop strap for highchairs, baby carriers, strollers, baby gyms, car seat, to keep your little one’s items close and safe off the floor.

How to use: Simply wrap the silicone strap around the product and push the button into the appropriate hole. Attach the other side to your stroller, highchair, car seat and more.

The Squiggle Strap is heat resistant to 240°c, BPA, lead and phthalates free.

Each pack contains 2 Squiggle Straps in either Blush PInk and Cool Gray or Ether Blue and Cool Gray.

Strap length: 46cm

The Squiggle Strap® box packaging is fully recyclable.

The Squiggle Strap® is heat resistant to 240°c and is freezer safe.

It can be sterilised in your regular steriliser or with boiling hot water.

It can be cleaned in the dishwasher or with hot soapy water so is great for travelling too.

Wash before first use.

Do not leave your baby or child unattended when using the Squiggle Strap®

This is not a toy.

The Squiggle Strap is a hit!

Handy little straps for securing baby toys. Two great little silicone straps for securing baby toys or dummies etc to baby or to a high chair or pram. The silicone is super soft and flexible, and had cute little shapes all along it which my baby is very interested in handling and chewing. These have been helpful since the moment they arrived in our household!

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My 6 year old autistic son absolutely loved these ordering again amazing value and purchase. Honestly amazing find thank you so much

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One of my best baby purchases! We love our Squiggle Strap! I bought it to attach my son’s teethers to his highchair as we’re at the ‘throw everything on the floor’ stage and we liked that it was antibacterial. We also use it for attaching things to his buggy or car seat to keep him entertained and it works great. Well done on a good product!

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Very useful for babies who throw everything. I've been looking for something like this product for a while to help stop my baby dropping/throwing things on the floor. A great price also!

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Brilliant Product! Really good value for money! The straps feel secure and well made and look good as an added bonus! They are super easy to use!

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Teething Strap

Our Squiggle Strap® is compatible with all our Space Teether Toys. Have you seen our range?

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