Baby Nails wearable baby nail file (6 Months+ pack) by Thumble Baby Care
Baby Nails® - The Wearable Baby Nail File (6m+)
Baby Nails® - The Wearable Baby Nail File (6m+)
Baby Nails® - The Wearable Baby Nail File (6m+)
Baby Nails® - The Wearable Baby Nail File (6m+)
Baby Nails® - The Wearable Baby Nail File (6m+)

Baby Nails® - The Wearable Baby Nail File (6m+)

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This is the 6 Months+ Pack which is suitable to use from 6 Months+
Baby Nails® is the multi-award winning, patented baby nail file for safe and simple baby nail care
It's clever, wearable, hands-free design allows you to file your baby's nails whilst cuddling or feeding, keeping them happy and relaxed!

Are you using clippers but they leave a sharp edge? Does your baby not like have their nails cut? Does your baby wriggle a lot making trimming their nails a bit of a challenge?

Baby Nails® 6 Months+ Pack is the perfect nail care solution to file your baby’s nails from 6 Months+

Baby Nails® is a bladeless nail care solution so you can avoid any accidents nipping your baby’s skin.

Our Baby Nails® 6 Months+ Pack contains:

  • The patented Thumble®
  • 15 x 6 Months+ unique snap-off adhesive nail files 
  • A drawstring pouch for easy and safe storage.

Keeping their nails short and smooth is very important to stop them scratching themselves and you. Rather than covering your baby's hands with scratch mittens, it is better to keep a baby's hands free to explore.

Used regularly Baby Nails® is all that is needed for continued care of your baby’s nails.

SNAP - Detach one of the included nail files by gently tearing along the perforated line.

PEEL - Peel off the backing to reveal the adhesive layer. When removing the backing from the adhesive part of the nail file make sure you do not touch the adhesive. The natural oils found in your skin can affect it’s stickiness.

STICK - Press the nail file firmly onto the Thumble® Make sure the nail file is applied to the Thumble® correctly. Follow the contour of the Thumble® and make sure it doesn’t catch the raised lip above the 3 small holes.

FILE - The Thumble® is worn on the thumb. Whilst cradling your baby gently take one of their hands with the hand you are wearing the Thumble® on and gently place their hand between your first two fingers.

Starting from a corner of the fingernail, file in one sweeping direction along the nail. Once you have smoothed the nail in this direction then move to the other corner of the nail and gently file in the opposite direction. File in one direction at a time along the contour of the nail until the nail is short.

Do not rub or saw the nail file back and forth along the nail. Keep the nail file on the nail making sure you file the nail and not the tender skin under the nail bed.

Suitable from birth onwards, tested for safety from 6+ months. 

It is not a toy. Keep out of the reach of children.

This is for adult use only.

Customer Reviews

The baby product you need to buy! Exactly as described, well packaged and fast delivery. So easy to use, I no longer dread having to trim my wriggly baby’s nails :) Thank you!


Used this today on my granddaughter she sat chilled letting me sort her very extended nails out. Impressed xx


Easy to use, effective, good for a wriggly baby. This is a fantastic, clever, easy to use product! I wish I had got this a lot earlier my 11 month old has Eczema and keeping on top of his nail care is imperative but not easy as he is very active. this is something I have been able to use safely whilst he is sleeping. My son finds comfort in his hands and as a breast fed baby he scratches my skin a lot. This product has saved my sanity, his skin and mine.


Game Changer! These files are amazing! I have ended up accidentally cutting my baby every time I’ve tried cutting her nails with regulars clippers, it’s impossible with all the wriggling. These files are so gentle to baby and work so well at filing her nails in no time at all. A friend recommended the Thumble to me and I’ll be telling all my mummy friends about them from now on! Thanks so much 👏


Don't forget their toes!

Remember it's important to care for your baby's toes too. Babies toenails are often very soft and grow very slowly. This is normal and their nails will become stronger as baby grows and becomes more active.

Check and trim their toe nails regularly. File the nail straight across to prevent ingrowing toenails and never file it too short.

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