Space Teether Toys in Everyday Astronaut Best Space Gift Ideas YouTube video!

Thumble Baby Care Everyday Astronaut Space Teether Toys

Everyday Astronaut’s mission is to bring space down to Earth for everyday people.

Tim Dodd started Everyday Astronaut in 2014 as an art project on Instagram from which Tim's love for spaceflight snowballed into an obsession!! Haha a bit like us designing our Space Teether Toys. We only started out with the plan to design an Astronaut shaped natural rubber toy but this turned into 6 space themed baby toys, all unique and with such realistic designs.

In 2017, Tim started YouTube full time to try and make easy to understand videos about spaceflight and its from here that Tim came on our radar. We started to follow his channel and have been fans ever since.

Tim's YouTube videos and live streams are our go to. Just last month we were sat in the car in a very muddy field (after our son and daughter's cross country event) watching Tim's live stream of the second test of the new SpaceX Starship Rocket.

See if you can see any similarities between Starship and our OrBITEr, the rocket shaped toy!

Watching Everyday Astronaut live stream of the second Starship launch in a Tesla

Tim is also off to the moon! He has been selected as a crew member on the dearMoon Project. This will be the first civillian mission to the moon in a rocket designed by SpaceX. Tim and his fellow civillian crew members will make a week long journey to the moon and back. How incredible is this!! 

Last week Tim published a video on his YouTube channel listing his Best Space Gift Ideas 2023 and guess what..... it included our Space Teether Toys. Being such huge fans of Tim's this is epic. Everyday Astronanut has 1.51M subscribers! We are incredibly grateful to Tim for putting our products out there and in front of his amazing community. You can find the Best Space Gift 2023 article on his website too. 

Thumble Baby Care Everyday Astronaut Best Space Gift Ideas 2023

Everydate Astronaut Time Dodd with Thumble Baby Care Space Toys best gifts for the holiday