Thumble Baby Care walks away with FIVE Mama & Babytots Awards 2023

Mama and Babytots awards logos
It was a clean sweep for Baby Nails®, Squiggle Strap® and our Space Teether Toys® at the Mama & Babytots Awards 2023.
The Mama and Babytots awards celebrate the very best award winning products and services out there that have been put to the test for both Mom & Baby.

"It was a tough competition as there were so many wonderful brands that entered, however with our extensive adjudication process we narrowed down those who snapped up Gold, Silver, Bronze & Editors Choice Awards".

So how did we do? The results are in for the award winning brands:
First up  - all things Teething, feeding & weaning! Practical and favourable for all. There is something for everyone amongst these fantastic ranges and products.
Planet CH3W wins a gold Mama and Babytots award 2023

GOLD for Best Plastic-free Toy Range 2023. All our Space Teether Toys are made from 100% ethically sourced natural rubber. Unlike plastic toys, our eco friendly space toys, if looked after correctly, are hard wearing but under the right conditions can completely biodegrade over time thus reducing their impact on the environment. It makes a great bath toy with no holes for mold and a fantastic sensory toy for your budding space fanatics. 

SILVER for Best Baby Teether 2023. Our Planet CH3W® was designed to help soothe teething gums, with a textured surface and three rings which contain an assortment of moons and rocks, perfect for chewing on! 

Squiggle Strap® -

Squiggle Strap toy strap attached to a Moon shaped teething toy by Thumble Baby Care

Editors Choice Award For Best Teething Accessory 2023 - "Whether for the stroller or home play gym this is a fantastic toy strap made to fit most teethers". Our Squiggle Strap is an antimicrobial food grade silicone toy leash, designed to stop a baby throwing or dropping their toys, teethers, sippy cups on the floor, keeping them safe and clean. 

Next..... award winning Baby Changing and Baby Grooming selections.

Baby Nails® -

Baby Nails wearable baby nail file by Thumble Baby Care

GOLD for Best Baby Nail item 2023. "A safe and easy way to keep those nails in check". Baby Nails is a wearable baby nail file. Designed for safe and simple baby nail care. Our baby nail trimmer was invented by ourselves as new parents, for parents, to make the daunting task of cutting a baby's nails a lot less scarier! 

Last by not least..... Award winning Sensory & Play products and brands

AstroGNAW® -

AstroGNAW astronaut bath toy and teether by Thumble Baby Care

GOLD for Best Baby Bath toy 2023. "Amazing bath toy, doubling as a teether. No holes so easy to clean with no mold". Taking space play to the bath tub! Bath time is a great opportunity for a parent or sibling to strengthen their bond by water play with an infant, aiding their development. 

Thank you to the Mama and Babytots Awards Team and to all the moms, parents & child-care professionals who tried and tested our products, using themselves & their very own newborns, babies & toddlers to put to the test what they believed to be award winning products.