Our Squiggle Strap has won a Bizzybaby Gold award!

We were super excited to hear that our Squiggle Strap Toy Strap is now an award winning product. The Bizzybaby awards are in, and we won GOLD!

The best thing about the Bizzybaby awards is that the testers give their feedback by answering questions about the product. It's lovely to hear how much they all loved using the Squiggle Strap and how it's become an essential item for them.

Squiggle Strap Toy Strap Bizzybaby Award Gold Winner

If you haven't seen our Squiggle Strap yet, it's a food grade silicone strap to secure a toy to a high chair, car seat, stroller or anything else you wish. Not just toys, but sippy cups with handles, spoons, favourite cuddly toy. How many hours have you spent picking toys, teethers, sippy cups, etc off the floor when out and about? No more diving under the table whilst eating a cold mouthful of carbonara. No more apologising to the table opposite when Doug the Dinosaur rudely makes his table debut.

You can read the full tester feedback over at the Bizzybaby site on the Squiggle Strap page but here are some great quotes taken from a few of the testers for you to read. Enjoy!


"My son is too strong for other brands’ Velcro straps and usually the toy and the strap get thrown across the room. This is so much more durable and easily cleaned and sterilised. My son, as strong as he is, cannot budge this strap!"

"I have secured this to every kind of furniture and toy, and I’ve never had an issue. I have one of these straps in my nappy bag to carry with me everywhere I go. No more lost toys from the pram! I also find it extremely useful in restaurants to secure my sons sippy cup and not disturb other diners when he tries to throw it across the room!"

"I actually used it to keep the fridge closed when my son was trying to get into it. I placed the strap around both handles and it worked as a quick fix for a child lock until I could get something ordered to go on it."

"I feel I will continue to use this for many years to come and it is a staple in my kitchen and nappy bag."


"We haven’t left the house without it attached to a car seat or pram since we received it. It’s great not having to clean the toy every few minutes when it’s thrown on the floor too!"

"We have had a few long car journeys since we received it (and currently teething) and it’s definitely be easy for him to grab and soothe himself whilst we’re driving. We haven’t left the house without it attached to a car seat or pram since we received it."

"it’s become an essential thing we check we have before we leave the house (we normally have one on the car seat and one of the pram)."


"Fitted to supermarket shopping trolleys where it comes in very helpful. My son could always access his toys which were attached to the squiggle strap."

"Good thick secure quality material. Can easily hold onto a full beaker of water. Very good value for 2 straps."

"Has saved multiple pickups of items and losing toys and teethers whilst out and about too as they used to fall or be dropped out of the pram."

"Versatile product, very easy to use even without the instructions friends and grandparents have been able to move and re attach without difficulty."

Thankyou to Bizzybaby for awarding our Squiggle Strap Gold and 5/5 from all their product testers. Yay!