Earth Biscuit wins a GOLD Bizziebaby Award 2023 as awarded by real parents!

Earth Biscuit teething biscuit win a gold bizziebaby award 2023
The awards just keep on coming! It's time for our Earth Biscuit® to shine and show off it's Bizziebaby GOLD Award 2023Bizziebaby are all about helping you as a new and growing family to find products that help make life easier. We big fans of the Bizziebaby awards. Every review is carried out by a diligent Bizziebaby Tester to let you know if a product is good value, durable, family friendly, well designed and will suit your lifestyle. Their reviews are carried out by REAL Parents just like you and they are HONEST.
The testers had lots of great things to say about the Earth Biscuit® and all awarded it 5/5! Pippa and 7 month old baby Emmaline was one of the fantastic testers. We loved their feedback about how the Earth Biscuit® baby toy is great for family travel "as a grown up with an interest in global travel its perfect as it can be used as baby grows older. Less for teething and more for education. We are just about to test it as an addition to a long haul flight to Kenya and look forward to showing her where we are going or, in years to come, where she has been". 
There are three natural teething biscuits in our space themed teething toy range - Earth Biscuit®, Moon Biscuit® and Mars Biscuit®. All very highly detailed to help soothe and stimulate teething gums as well as stimulating their little minds too!
Teething biscuits by Thumble Baby Care a natural way to soothe teething baby gums